COOL CONCEPTZ LLC, Located in Jacksonville, Florida is a Xpel Authorized Paint Protection Film dealer in the Northeast Florida area since 2006. We are also an XPEL certified installer so you know you are getting experience and professional installation on your vehicle. When installing the Paint Protection Film on your vehicle we will also educate you on how the film is to be maintained and provide you with the right maintenance products to keep your film looking virtually clear from the day it was installed.

What makes a Paint Protection Film ( clear bra ) a good product?

  1. The pre-cut kit design. The design patterns we use is XPEL’s DAP ( design access program). XPEL has the largest library of car patterns and the best coverage possible for your vehicle in the industry : full hoods, full fenders, roof, A-pillars etc. There are some places that use free programs which there kits will not have complete coverage in the areas on the vehicle, therefore you get a bad looking installation.
  2. Type of film. We have used different types of films that are popular on the market today, such as Xpel. We recommend using the clear coated films, which will provide a virtually clear look on the vehicle. If you install a non-clear coated film it tends to yellow, scratch easy and gets a faded look over a 1 year period, which customers would not be satisfied with. There are a few installers out there that use a non-clear coated film, those guys are the ones that use cheaper film, have bad installations and charge a cheap price.
  3. Installation. COOL CONCEPTZ uses the best films and the best design patterns in the market to provide you with the best installations. By using a good pattern there should be no gap’s around the edges, which most competitors have on their installation. A properly installed film should not have lift marks, water bubbles, lift edges, silvering and compression marks, with a experience installer you will get a successful installation.
  4. Educating the customer on how to maintain the product. After the Paint Protection Film is installed on your vehicle you will still need to take care of the film with sealants and cleaners to maintain its looks for years. Many customers are not educated on how the film is to be cared for and assume they can just leave it alone, well that’s not true. If you don’t wash your car for 2 years, how would your car look? well your film will look the same. Most Paint Protection films a porous and when the car is in the sun, the film tends to open up and collect dirt and yellow over a period of time and that’s why it is important to apply sealant at least once or twice a month (depending on what type of film you use). We currently use Xpel Ultimate film which is the (world’s first self healing film) in the market that is stain/scratch resistant therefore you will not need to use sealants or cleaners but it would help.